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What to Expect in West Virginia

West Virginia is a state that is full of outdoor adventures and activities. From hiking in the Appalachian Mountains to whitewater rafting down the New River, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some ideas for your next West Virginia adventure:

1. Hiking: West Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country, including the Appalachian Trail and the Dolly Sods Wilderness. Be sure to check out the Cranberry Glades Botanical Area, a unique ecosystem of sphagnum bogs.

2. Whitewater Rafting: The New River Gorge is one of the most popular whitewater rafting destinations in the country. With rapids ranging from class III to class V, there is a trip for every level of experience.

3. Rock Climbing: The New River Gorge is also a popular destination for rock climbers. With over 1,400 established routes, it's a great place to test your skills.

4. Mountain Biking: The state has over 1,500 miles of trails for mountain biking, including the famous Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. The trails range from beginner to advanced, so there is something for everyone.

5. Skiing and Snowboarding: West Virginia is home to several ski resorts, including Snowshoe Mountain and Canaan Valley Resort. With over 50 trails and an average of 180 inches of snow each year, it's a great place to hit the slopes.

6. Caving: West Virginia has over 4,000 known caves, including the Lost World Caverns and the Organ Cave. Be sure to take a guided tour to learn about the geology and history of the caves.

7. Fishing: The state is home to some of the best trout fishing in the country. The Elk River, Greenbrier River, and Cranberry River are all popular spots for fly fishing.

8. Ziplining: The state has several zipline tours, including the Gravity Zip Line at Adventures on the Gorge and the TreeTops Canopy Tour at ACE Adventure Resort.

9. Hunting: West Virginia is known for its excellent hunting opportunities, including deer, turkey, and black bear.

10. Horseback Riding: The state has several horseback riding trails, including the Greenbrier River Trail and the Allegheny Trail. Some of the state parks also offer guided horseback rides.

No matter what your interests are, West Virginia has something for everyone. Be sure to plan your trip and experience all the adventure and fun that this state has to offer!

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