Slap of Sunshine is a media company that inspires, educates and entertains real women with a creative spirit. The “SOS Girl” uses creativity and a do-it-herself attitude in all aspects of her life: To take charge of her career, forge strong friendships and relationships, curate her own style, embrace and live life true to her authentic self, and lives her life with deliberate intention. Through our content, online classes and products, we enable her to use creativity to shape her future and ignite motivation in herself and others.

Founded in mid 2017 by Jennifer Catlett, Slap of Sunshine will become one of the largest digital media companies for women. We aim to produce content to engage our audience and constantly produce new, up to date, relevant resources for the modern woman.

As a digital-first company, we have an innate understanding of how the online connects to the offline. That’s why, in addition to our website, slapofsunshine.com, and our presence across social channels, we extend our reach to experiences. Whether it’s through our annual festival, or through products that make it easy for her to create her ideal life, we create a seamless experience which allows us to form a deep connection with our community.



A note from our founder, Jennifer Catlett 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an insatiable curiosity with human potential and a strong desire to create. I wanted to know what makes some people lead a fulfilled and happy life and others struggle to find a way to thrive. Why do some people rise above when they face incredible odds and others have everything handed to them, but never are truly happy and create a life of self destruction? The core of my quest is to answer one simple question; How can we live better?

My personal goal is to understand why we do what we do and how to master better habits to shape our life. Take the complex and make it simple to understand and act upon.  If I’m only able to scratch the surface, I promise my mission is to provide you content to assume better habits and cultivate a life with intentional living, and greater efficiency.

I am passionate about many unrelated things, such as: hula hooping, dancing, computer programming, film, all things personality and human behavior related.  For most of my life I thought this to be a handi-cap, but eventually realized my unusual combination of skills was a strength, not a liability.  I thrive on the unknown and get energy from change in life.

I’m currently pursuing a business degree with a minor in psychology. Identified by my peers as an eternal optimist and a secret weapon for big ideas.. I will share with you everything I’ve learned about what makes people the best at what they do and live a truly happy, successful life.